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The STRAIN of living in a large city like Toronto, can effect people in many ways. Our bodies have to respond to many demanding and stressful situations. The stress can exhaust the body, and cause fear and anxiety, which over a prolonged period will lead to illness


What is the philosophy behind Oriental healing therapies?
Oriental healing therapies, such as Shiatsu, acupuncture, ear acupressure and herbology, treat the body and mind as a whole rather than as separate unrelated parts. Health is the state in which the body and mind are in harmony and balance. A healthy person feels as one and has a zest for life. When there is disharmony, the sense of oneness and zest for life are lost A disconnectedness is felt which may be manifested in aches and pains or simply as a vague discomfort. The aim of Oriental healing therapies is to restore harmony and balance to the person, thus restoring health and vitality. The key is to assist the body to heal itself.

How does Shiatsu work?
Our living bodies are composed of matter and energy. This energy of life is called "Chi" in Chinese. Chi energy circulates throughout the body along invisible channels called meridians. We are healthy when our Chi energy flows freely throughout our body. When the flow of Chi energy is distorted, we are not living in full health. In a Shiatsu treatment, pressure is applied to the points where the energy flow is distorted. This induces a deep internal relaxation which activates the body's inherent healing power, disperse excess or blocked energy and normalizes the flow of Chi energy.

What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a healing are in which pressure is applied with thumbs, palms or elbows to the acupuncture points of the body. It has evolved from ancient Chinese healing practices and is often called "acupuncture without needles". Shiatsu treatments relieve pain and stress, strengthen the body and normalize its functions. Shiatsu is a natural therapy that helps to prevent disease and maintains health. Shiatsu stimulates the body's inherent ability to repair and regenerate itself in order to maintain balance.

What conditions can be helped by Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is an effective therapy for a wide variety of conditions, whether acute or chronic. It is especially effective for stress-related conditions. Other conditions that respond well to Shiatsu treatment are neck, shoulder and back pain, migraine, insomnia and muscular stiffness. The chronic pain of arthritis may be alleviated by regular treatments. Pregnant women, dieters and those who want to quit smoking will find that regular treatments will compliment their dietary and exercise regime by strengthening the body and relieving stress.

What can be expected from Shiatsu treatments?
A Shiatsu treatment is a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling much happier and healthier than when you came in. Occasionally tiredness, headaches or muscular stiffness may occur after a treatment. These are infrequent reactions that last one or two days. Symptoms of past health problems sometimes recur. This is a normal part of the healing process. Your therapist can answer any questions about treatment or treatment reactions. A treatment schedule will be recommended to suit your condition.

I'm healthy. Why should I go for Shiatsu treatments?
Your good health is a condition that you have worked hard to maintain - you are careful with your diet, exercise regularly, assure yourself a good night's sleep and maintain a sound central nervous system through a sound functioning spine. Shiatsu treatments are another means of maintaining good health since minor health problems can be recognized and treated before they become major problems. Monthly, semi-monthly or weekly treatments help to keep the body strengthened and resistance high.

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